Sketching on the rooftop 

I have learnt late in life that I love drawing. I am on a path to hone my skills so I am going to attempt doing a drawing every day.

Nicholas Towers, RBC building, Princes Court rooftop Aug 29, 2017

I work full time so it is really challenging, however I am determined to do it. The sketch above I did on the rooftop of my office building. I am getting to work earlier so that I avoid traffic and accomplish my goal of daily art making.

I started drawing in July 2016 and have been constantly drawing since then. My skills have just grown tremendously. The growth really is exponential.
I am learning day by day to be patient and keep pressing forward despite various challenges.

I hope by sharing on this blog I can encourage someone to have a go. Drawing is very therapeutic and will aid you in all aspects of your life.


More oil pastel practice in 2018

I really want to do more work with my oil pastels this year I really want to understand the medium. I did my first on location drawing this week. Visiting my sister in Barbados and we went to the beach.

I was in a bit of an uncomfortable position and the sunlight really almost blinded me but I enjoyed the experience. The boat passed by so fast, this was all I could get down.

Then I did a drawing based on a Sktchy muse. I loved this one despite the many flaws and awful anatomy.

I really like it. I felt like I dug out a big chunk of the challenge in my head after I drew this. I want to attempt it again something about it was freeing to do. I also did my favorite doodles

And 2 random faces that say very clearly to me that I NEED TO STUDY THE ANATOMY OF THE HEAD LOL!!!!

All in all I had fun which to me is something I need to have more of. More of my type of fun this 2018, not what people think is fun but what i think is fun for me.

Most likely I’ll be bouncing all over and trying all kinds of things but that’s where I am with my art and expression right now. I’m going to enjoy it.

Keep on track kimbi!!

Every year in TrinidadandTobago Emancipation from slavery is celebrated. Last year there was a craft fair that I participated in. I also make soaps and lotions so I sold those last year.

This year I want to do some acrylic paintings for sale this year but I can’t seem to keep disciplined!!!!! I can’t wait till too late.

This week my oil pastel Love has been awakened. I love oil pastels. They are such a difficult medium for me to work with. But still I want to know them. Blending the colors are hard for me to achieve and I keep overdoing them, like I have done in the sketches I did this week.

Thanks to Sktchy for the inspiration. I just LOVE that app let me tell you.

Anyway, I love oil pastels. I got a little breakthrough when I did the sketch below.

Despite the flaws, I felt happy to have done this sketch. I got some ideas as to how to deal with the pastels. It just encouraged me.

Well anyway, I want to work on getting darker skin tones with the pastels so hopefully I can get with that.

In the meantime, I need to get working on paintings!!!

Sketchbook love

At the moment, I have about 15 sketchbooks that I use. I really need to stop buying them 🙈🤦🏾‍♀️!!! I’m addicted!!!!

I just have this one shelf of books. The ones to the left are the ones I have started and to the right are blank ones and sheets of paper. My main mission is to fill up every piece of real estate in these books!!!

The book I’m working on is below. It is large (didn’t realize it would be that big).

I really like the paper, it’s different. It makes my cheap koi watercolor paints look interesting. I realized this when I did the painting below. Reference came from the Sktchy app.

The paper has a smoother texture than the rest of books. I have tried ink, watercolor, colour pencil and yesterday I did some acrylic.

I really like this sketch. Thanks to the Sktchy app for the inspiration!! It was a huge moment for me cause I just had a go! It has many flaws but I like it still. I need to do more studies and still life with the acrylic paints in this book so I’ll be able to understand it better. I think as well, even though I get bored, moving on to another book breaks momentum and I have to start learning all over again. Learn how the materials respond all over again. It doesn’t help!

I have discovered that my favorite thing to do in the sketchbooks is to draw doodles. Every sketchbook must have them. I love the doodles by Fred Blunt. They make me feel so happy so I draw them and I’m learning a bit how to make my own. He uses some simple shapes.

After I draw them in, I colour them all and move on to another page. The ones above I have to colour. I have two more doodle pages to make in this book. It takes some time to create pages like these but I love doing it. Every day I colour in some or draw some new ones. For books that cannot take wet media, I use colour pencils. Like in the book below.

Started this one recently. This is the first pass. As I draw them I deepen the colour by adding more layers of colour pencil.

The end of the year is fast approaching, I have some goals for the new year already!!! The main ones are to be consistent, fill up my sketchbooks and try to take my time and enjoy things. Not everything needs to be completed quickly!

Pressing on

I am now coming down to the last days of inktober. I haven’t been able to do every day but I am happy with the effort i made. I have a lot of responsibilities this weekend so most likely I won’t be able to complete any drawings. But I will do what I can! Below is what I have done since my last post. 

Day 22/31 “Trail”

I am really enjoying doing cut outs these days. Liked painting this one after which, I added ink using my pentel brush pen. 

Day 25/31 “Ship”

I like the boat I painted above. There are flaws but I like it because I did it with my student grade watercolor paints from koi and in a sketchbook that really isn’t designed for watercolor. 

I really like how the paint looks on the paper despite how much it buckles and stuff. I enjoy painting in it. Recently I felt like I wasted money on the paint and I did not want to use it, especially since it dried so chalky. 

I decided to try with it again and find a way to use the paint. Turns out I was trying to use techniques that I feel were not appropriate. The paint to me has a sort of gouache consistency so I decided that I was better off layering it. To my surprise, this worked better and I am glad cause I am really enjoying it! After painting, I added details with a micron pen. 

I hope you all are getting on ok with inktober. How has it been for you this year?

More inktober 

Well it is obvious that I have not been doing well with my efforts this year. I can say though that it is way better than last year so I am super happy with that! I ran out of ideas big time so I decided to just give myself a break and make whatever I wanted. 

Day 21/31

Saw some cool stuff on Pinterest and I decided to imitate it by doing an ink drawing on top of watercolor. This was fun I must say. I have been gathering cut outs for my art journal. Doing little flowers and cut outs like these in an interesting way has been helping me learn how to use my paints. This then led me to do today’s prompt. 

Day 22/31

This was also fun! I may just continue doing these watercolor and ink cut out things for the rest of the month. 

Inktober progress 

Lost momentum a bit. I’m not even going to do past days that I missed, just pressing forward. 

Day 16/31 “Fat”

Day 17/31 “Graceful “

Wanted the try a fashion illustration. Need some more practice with this one. 
Day 18/31

Could not execute my idea in time for day 18 “filthy”. Did not want to miss a day so I drew a fish. I have been making fishes for my art journal. Don’t ask why, I just feel like making them. As inspiration come I am sure I can fit them on a page. 

Day 19/31 “cloud”

The fishes were fresh in my mind so I decided to put them in the clouds 🙈. Still getting used to the dip pen. It was hard to render the clouds and fish. 

Posting the good bad and the ugly is something else I think but I suppose that’s why it’s called a challenge!

Days 9 & 10

I am exhausted, today was a really hard day. I’m not entirely satisfied with what I made but I’m glad I got it done. 

Day 9/31 “Screech”

Struggled to come up with drawings for these prompts though. 

Day 10/31 “Gigantic”

On to the next!

Creations from the weekend

I have broke my 6- day inktober streak!!!!! This weekend was crazy. I barely got a chance to get some rest even. Only today I was able to do some illustrations. They were not what I wanted but it’s better than doing nothing. 

Inktober Day 7/31- “Shy”

Inktober Day 8/31 – “crooked”

I have been loving art journaling lately. It really is helping me relax, be free and create. Just discover myself and be who I am. I did this page to encourage myself to keep going. I hope it encourages others as well!!