Inktober Days 14-20

We are getting closer to the end of the inktober challenge and I’m trying to accomplish my goal of completing 31 drawings.

On day 14 I did a quick sketch with ball point pen.

Inktober Day 14

This drawing inspired me to paint with oils strangely. I was also generally inspired to draw and keep drawing.

Inktober Day 15

I don’t think the drawing for day 15 is clear. But after completing it, I felt the confusion in the work and was able to pinpoint that this is why I was uneasy with it. I began to be more mindful of the marks I made. I also asked myself a simple question: what does the image show?

Inktober Day 16

I responded to the official prompt “angular” for day 16. This drawing was lots of fun to do and I was really happy to use my inktense blocks again. I am learning how to use them better because of the challenge. It’s the only coloured ink I have!

Inktober Day 17

I was not pleased with day 17’s drawing at all. The proportions were off and the drawing was just wrong. I liked the colours tho and the texture that came through from the painted background. I didn’t have time for a new drawing so I posted it anyway. I suppose that’s why it’s called a challenge.

Inktober Day 18

Reached into my sketchbook for day 18. It was really interesting to ink a sketch I did in the past and work on retaining the vibrancy and energy of what I created at that time.

Inktober Day 19

I really liked the colours in this one. Colour still confuses me. I really hope to get a handle on how it works as I continue my journey with making art.

Inktober Day 20

The piece I did for day 20 was inspired by the Sktchy app and I really loved how I simplified what I was seeing to create something interesting. I was also happy that I was able to translate the pose I was seeing much better than I have done in the past.

I’m learning a lot this inktober and to be quite honest, I am loving making backgrounds and doing drawings on top of them. I make the backgrounds on acrylic paper with a mixture of acrylic paint, gesso and modeling paste. I suppose the purists will argue that I’m not truly sticking to what inktober is supposed to be but I cannot help but love creating this way and I’m going to keep at it till I feel I have taken it to the furthest point that I can go.


Inktober 2018 Days 6-13

Last week I fell “behind” since I missed the weekend. I was able to catch up by completing five drawings one evening!

Day 6/31

Portraits are challenging so I mixed up the subjects a bit.

Day 7/31
Day 8/31
Day 9/31
Day 10/31

Needed a break from the grey paper so I started playing with some backgrounds.

Day 11/31
Day 12/31
Day 13/31

All in all it was fun and I was happy to get back on track!

Inktober 2018 Days 1-5

I’m attempting inktober again this year. My aim is to keep it light and fun and not over think it.

Inktober 2018- Day 1

The plan is to use inspiration from the Sktchy app and to work on the toned grey mixed media paper I have from strathmore .

Inktober 2018 – Day 2

Already I have missed the weekend so I have to do two ink drawings to make up for it. I doubt I will tho, it may be better to just move forward.

Tools of the trade this year

This year, I am using the following inking supplies:

  1. Noodlers golden brown ink;
  2. Speedball India ink;
  3. Dr Ph Martin white India ink
  4. Chinese style brush
  5. Watercolor brush and;
  6. Strathmore toned grey paper.
  • I am liking what I am doing thus far. Already I feel like I’m getting to explore and learn how to use line to create tone.
  • Inktober 2018 – Day 3

    I really enjoy the brown ink I am using from noodler’s. It has been helping me achieve interesting effects. I am also understanding how to use my brushes a lot better. Some obvious mistakes I have observed:

    1. Being too heavy handed
    2. Dipping the ENTIRE brush in the ink ( makes no sense I know but for some inexplicable reason I was doing this)
    3. Not paying attention to form

    Not paying attention to form may be the most important observed flaw in my approach. One I hope to improve at the end of the challenge.

    Inktober 2018 – Day 4

    Taking the pressure off myself to be super original was the best thing I could have done. I’m also working small so I could get the drawing done before I leave for work on mornings.

    Inktober 2018 – Day

    I had some priorities this weekend so inktober suffered a bit. While I wish I could push everyday to get a drawing done, I want to try not to stress too much and shut down other important things in my life at this time.

    Hopefully I can catch up on the two drawings I have outstanding. I really should get to it!!

    Sketches in pastels

    I have been always drawn to pastels. It is the one thing I remember about art from childhood. I remember seeing the sticks of colour and not knowing what to do with them.

    I think that it takes a while to understand how each art medium works. It is important to develop an appreciation for the characteristics of painting and drawing materials so you can pick an appropriate one for each situation.

    I have been doing some sketches with pastels lately and I have been enjoying it.

    Lunchtime sketch 008, Prismacolor nupastels on strathmore toned tan paper

    It took me a while to understand chalk pastels and I still don’t understand. I have been working with them a lot more to help me overcome that. I have nupastels from Prismacolor and hopefully I can get a set of softer ones to layer on top of these.

    I like sketching and sketchbooks so I used the nupastels in my toned grey and tan sketchbooks.

    Nupastels on toned grey paper

    I really liked the results. Also fun was layering the pastels over ink, I find it created a really nice texture.

    Nupastels on toned tan paper

    I love the medium because I can draw and paint at the same time. One can draw with paint but somehow it isn’t the same as using a pastel. On their own pastels create really nice textures and I find myself really drawn to this. Hopefully as I keep using the medium I will achieve better results.

    I think I will stay with this medium for a while longer.

    Sketches and experiments

    Weather hasn’t really permitted much lunchtime sketches these days. I haven’t gotten tired of the view on the rooftop as yet. I’m not too proud of the sketch below, I did it a couple days ago.

    Lunchtime sketch

    The experience was so much fun but I didn’t like how it looked in the end. That’s ok.

    This morning I continued to play with watercolor a bit. Been trying to learn how to paint leaves with watercolor a bit better so I applied it to a sketch I was doing.

    Inspired by Sktchy

    It turned out nice I think but it just goes to show that you can like something you do or not it’s ok either way and it is so good to keep going despite results. You never know what you might make.

    Sketches & Inktober prep

    I really enjoyed the last couple sketches I did, they were fun.

    Lunchtime sketch 006
    Lunchtime sketch 007

    Inktober is upon me again 😱 I’m really going to enjoy joining in with other artists. This year, I’m going to have ONE (1) goal and this is simply to finish the challenge.

    These are my prompts and instead of trying to come up with fresh ideas every day I’m just going to take inspiration from the Sktchy app and try to incorporate each prompt somehow 🤷🏽‍♀️. That should eliminate the stress of trying to be new and different each day at my current skill level.

    The goal is to draw in ink for 31 days straight. Some planning is in order tho so I’m going to just pick the 31 references and try to draw them and see how comfortable I can get with the various forms.

    I have some grey toned mixed media paper that I can use as well so that will be something to get used to during the time.

    This will be fun and I want to keep it fun and not let it get stressful.

    Still here

    I’m still here making art every day. Keeping up with posting is tough but I will get back into the groove.

    I am working on studying the human head, understanding the fundamentals of art and just being consistent every day. To do this I started doing a sketch at lunchtime and posting it on my Instagram. I’m numbering them so here’s 004 and 005

    It’s fun to just work with what you have and I’m doing that. Will add my lunchtime sketches here as well.

    Figure drawing

    I could not keep up with the Sktchy challenge due to my full time job and other commitments. It’s a lesson to be learnt though: I need to do what I can and keep things fun.

    I attended a figure drawing session hosted by the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago last Saturday. This was the 2nd in person life drawing session I ever attended. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next one.

    Drawing from life really is different from anything else and I have found that I really get into the experience a lot more.

    The pictures above are some of the drawings I did at the session. The model was a little shy and to be honest if I were the model, I would be too!

    On a daily basis I try to do the life drawing sessions from the YouTube channel The Croquis Cafe. I do the same session for the entire week and compare the drawings at the end. While it may be that these sessions are targeted to more experienced artists, I have found that my observational drawing has really improved by doing them. This week, I’m doing session #310.

    The last photo was from session #309 that I did last week. I added the yellow background because I wanted to mark some of the drawings that I felt I experienced a kind of breakthrough with. This particular pose was really challenging for me. At the end of the week I had some better results and I was proud of this last drawing compared to the first.

    I did loose momentum to the end of last year on account of my busy schedule but I have gotten back on track. Doing this every day helps me understand. Hopefully one day I can come to the point of constructing a figure without reference. I think that goal can occupy me fully for a lifetime!

    Book binding

    I can never seem to find sketchbooks with the paper I like. Sometimes I think it would be better if I just get the paper I like and make them myself.

    I was going to get the Dina Wakely art journal because I just loved how it looked when I saw it online. The different substrates really appealed to me. This weekend, however, I got this urge and the courage to try to bind my own book. I tried Coptic stitch binding before but I didn’t like the spaces between the signatures too much. So after watching some you tube tutorials, I had a go.

    So I found some paper I had, took my mom’s chicken stuffing box, covered it and then just followed the tutorial I saw on you tube.

    I added mixed media paper, pastel paper, burlap and a brown craft paper I bought at the art store. I enjoyed the process so much. To the point where I took more of the craft paper and sewed some pages together to make another book.

    My intention for this 2nd book is to use it for figure drawing studies. I like doing these studies but expensive books make me feel like I’m wasting paper so I used paper that I can make marks on without feeling like I am wasting materials.

    Book binding is cool. I want to do more of it. Wait a minute, I forgot to put in canvas!!!! 😒 🤦🏾‍♀️